>Portion sizes can vary substantially depending on individual

>Plan and prepare your food ahead of time.

>Pick one or two days to do yosur cooking for the week.

>Make the right choice and implement accordingly


  • In the diet plan below, you’ll see some diversity in meal selection, it is only to provide you a sense of the variety that can be incorporated. Once you begin understanding the principle strategies being utilized, it will open up limitless combinations and recipes that fit within the general framework provided in this program.

  • This plan is designed to give you an understanding of the TYPE of choices that should be made and at what point in the day, exact portion sizes should be determined by the individual (or consult with one of our professional nutrition expert’s).



  • Carbohydrate Intake35-40% (of daily total) Pre and Post Workout (depending on daily activity schedules).

  • A change of carbohydrates consumption will result in an initial energy loss, which will change as you develop and starts responding to the program. 

  • Protein Intake Shoot for 1 – 1.5 g per pound of lean body mass. (assuming lifting intensity is consistent with the programs we provide). Ideally evenly spaced out over all your meals (3-5)

  • On training days your protein intake (meal or shake) is to be taken shortly after workout, accounted for in your plan.

  • intakes, body composition and exercise regiment… what’s recommended on here are simply safe averages and should be referenced as such.

  • Depleting carbohydrates/glycogen, we enhance our demand for fat. Beyond this, Glucagon begins secreting into the blood stream in response to low blood sugar (carb depletion) and works to raise blood glucose , which BURNS FAT.

  • Fat supplement with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s): Fish Oils, Flaxseeds, etc.



DISCLAIMER: Understand this content is a GUIDELINE/EXAMPLE of the framework we use to encourage Muscular Development with our clients. Large generalizations and simplifications were made to communicate our strategies and teach you the basics of utilizing nutrition to support healthy growth. This program does NOT take into account individual factors (genetics, nutrient sensitivity, etc) that could significantly hinder the programs effectiveness. In order to get truly customized guidance and program development, you'll need to contact ShyTown Fitness directly. Otherwise we are NOT recommending that you implement any of the aforementioned plans without first consulting your appropriate health care practitioner.






Baseline Carbohydrates (variety beyond this list is welcome)

Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Grapefruit, Apples

Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa, Brown Rice,



Spinach Asparagus Broccoli Lettuce/salad greens Kale/mustard greens Tomatoes Brussels sprouts

Green Beans Squash/Zucchini Bell Peppers Cauliflower Celery Green Peas Cabbage Egg Plants

Cucumbers Mushrooms


Carbs and Proteins:

Avocado Almonds Cheese

MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, Ghee

Chicken Breast Fish Salmo Tuna (canned or file Tilapia (not breaded Shrimp

Ground Turkey (Extra Lean, Low sodium)

Turkey Breast (extra Lean, Low Sodium)

Beans Lentils legumes (only as prescribed)

Organic Egg whites and/or Whole Eggs

Plain/Original Greek Yogurt

Fat Free Cottage Cheese



Avocado Almonds Cheese

MCT Oil, Coconut Oil


DAY 1:

Meal #1:

C & P: 1 whole Egg, 4 Egg whites, Mixed  Three Types of Veggies

F: ½ Avocado & 2 stripes of Turkey Bacon Snack:P: Protein Bar Meal


Meal #2:

P: 4-5 oz. Extra Lean Ground Turkey seasoning, no oils or marinades, diced veggies

Replace Low Sodium Chicken Broth & Chili Garlic sauce for oil during heating

C: Grilled Zucchini and Chickpeas Snack:P: Protein Shake (~25g protein)


Meal #3:

C: Spaghetti Squash P: 4-5 oz. Salmon Filet (Season to taste)Snack (IF NEEDED):

P: ½ cup fat free Cottage cheese tp keep your metabolism working. Shake.


DAY 2: 

Meal #1: C: Salsa and Mixed Veggies

P: 1 Whole egg, 4 egg whites w/ 3 veggies F: 2 stripes of Organic Turkey Bacon

Snack: P: Protein Shake, 1/4 cup egg whites and/OR water

F: can add 1 tablespoon of organic Almond Butter


Meal #2: C: Fresh Mixed Green Salad  

3- 5 Veggies grape seed oil and lemon for dressing 

Fat Free Feta Cheese P: 4-5 oz. Salmon (add to the salad) 

F:  1/4 cup Almonds (or any nuts)(mix with salad)

Snack: Protien: Homemade Tuna Salad

(pepper, lemon, dill, hot sauce)(Any green vegetable snack)


Meal #3: F: Appetizer Avocado with hummus

C:Zucchini, Spinach, asparagus peppers

P: 4-5 oz. Chicken breast and cuscus


DAY 3: 

Meal #1: C: Protein Shake (1/4 cup Egg Whites, Almond Milk, Ice Cubes), Water)

F: 2 tablespoon of Organic Almond Butter (ADD to Shake) 

Snack: (combine to make little open faced sandwiches)  C: 2 Rice Cakes 

P: 4 oz. Turkey Breast (seasoned to taste) - 1/2 Sliced Tomatoes - Basil Leaves


Meal #2: 

P: Chicken Salad (mixed veggies, etc) 

Snack: P: Quest Protein Bar or Protein Shake


Meal #3: C:Zucchini, Spinach, asparagus peppers

P: 4-5 oz. Chicken breast and cuscus


DAY 4:

Meal #1: P: 1 whole Egg and 3-4 egg whites three types of veggies

F: ½ Avocado Snack: P: 3-4 Hard-boiled egg whites (seasoned to taste) 

C: Rice or Kale Chips Meal #2 (SALAD should be size of two hand fulls) 


MEAL # 2:

P: 4-5 oz. Chicken Breast (seasoned to taste) 

C: Mixed Greens & Lettuce (hot peppers if desired and any additional veggies) 

Snack: P: Whey Protein Powder and Egg Whites (Greek Yogurt and almond milk) 


Meal #3: 

P: 4-5 oz Tilapia (seasoned to taste)(sub for any other protein) 

C: Mixed GREEN VEGTABLES (add mushrooms and hot peppers if desired)


DAY 5: 

Meal #1: 

P: Protein Pancakes- 1/3 Cup Cottage Cheese, 1 scoop protein powder, 3 egg whites and 1 tsp cinnamon Snack: 

P: Whey Protein Powder and Egg White liquid F: ½ cup Almond milk 


Meal #2 :

P: Sautéed Shrimp (just with spray) & mixed veggiesSnack 

P: Kale Chips, Celery or Seaweed Chips 


Meal #3: 

P: Taco Salad (according to recipe options)(Turkey and veggies)


DAY 6:

Meal #1:P: 1 whole egg, 4 Egg Whites (seasoned to taste)(add any veggies)Snack:P: Quest Protein Bar

Meal #2P: Tuna Salad (recipe above)Snack:P: Taco Salad (recipe above)

Meal #3:P: SHRIMP (1-2 servings)C: Broccoli and Cucumbers (seasoned to taste) 



DAY 7:


The objective behind the craving day is for you to be able to drive your impulse for foods outside the plan into an organized time to fully enjoy the experience.    2FREE MEAL, HAVE WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES with lemon water in between.   Note; Don’t be a slob , just enjoy it for what it is.   Make a toast to you. Bone Appetit. 


Start your day with a lean protein filled meal with a glass of coffee (w/ cinnamon) and ½ grapefruit or glass of organic grapefruit juice and or lemon water and enjoy.





Protein Pancakes | Breakfast  

200 ml Egg Whites

1 scoop of pecans or peanut butter

1-2 tsp of cinnamon

[optional] toppings of your choice


Cottage Cheese Blend | Evening Snack

1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese (low/no fat, no salt added):

1 tsp Cinnamon (to taste): stabilize blood sugar

2 tblsp Almonds: support optimal hormonal levels present in the evening.


Taco Salad:

1 package of Extra Lean Ground Turkey (99/1)

1 can of organic black beans

Hot Peppers (giardiniera, jalapeños, etc.)

½ cup Diced onions

1 Cup Chopped Broccoli OR Spinach

2 Cups mushrooms

Added Ingredients After Cooked:Fat Free Salsa


Post-workout Protein Shake :

½ Cup Coconut Water (natural flavor)

½ Cup Egg Whites

1 Scoop Protein Powder

3 ice cubes


Protein Ice Cream:

Step1 : Combine ingredients

Step 2: Let sit overnight in the freezer

1 Serving Greek Yogurt

1 Scoop Whey Protein Powder (your choice of flavor)

1-2 tblsp of Almonds (roasted or raw)

1 tsp of Cinnamon

1 table spoon dark choclate

Added Ingredient: Mint Leaves


Low-Fat Tuna Salad:

1 – 1 ½ canned tuna or chicken in water

Chopped fresh celery

Chopped Grape Tomatoes

Chopped Fresh Mushrooms

1 – 2 tablespoons Giardiniera (drain the oil)

1 tsp horseradish [optional]

Sprinkle of Red Pepper Flakes [optional]


Spicy Chickpea Stew with Quinoa Pilaf

1 medium butternut squash, peeled, seeded, and cut in 3/4-inch pieces

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt |freshly ground pepper

2 medium onions | 8 large garlic cloves | 1/4 cup chopped parsley stems

1 1/2 teaspoons toasted ground cumin or (ground cumin

1 teaspoon paprika | 3 medium carrots, cut in 1/2-inch pieces

1 cup chickpea cooking liquid, or filtered water

1 28 ounce can crushed tomatoes

2 1/2 cups cooked chickpeas

3-4 teaspoons harissa, or to taste

1/2 cup chopped parsley, plus more to garnish